wikiwiki.JPGHello. We have almost finished the CALL course. And thank God I had not dropped the lesson. While I’m studying, I’m also working so I was thinking of dropping the lesson and doing it next year due to insufficient time. Fortunately, I did not.

I spend a lot of hours working on computers and I love learning new things. This course gave me huge resources of information, things that I had never come across before. Just before the course started, I had been searching for information and different methods in teaching. Therefore, I did not drop the course as I could continue with my studies and learn more about new technologies and different methods in teaching at the same time. Finally, I am glad that I did this course because now I have a lot of fascinating and motivating tools in my hands that I can work with. The most important of all is that I enjoyed the course.

These are a few of the things that I have learned:



I didn’t have a clue what a Wiki was and I did not know how to create one. The benefit was not only the knowledge I gained form the Wiki but the process of learning how to use a Wiki made it easier to understand how blogs and websites work. Although they are not the same, they have a lot of similarities. The exposure to the Wiki tool made me more curious and eager to spend some time learning how to use blogs and websites as well.

e.g - This one is the best I have found so far. Check out joomla feature here

Web Power

web-power.jpgAlthough I spend hours surfing the internet for information on teaching I did not know exactly what to look for. Throughout the course we were asked to visit specific websites and, after guidance, to look and find specific websites on our own and evaluate them (Annotated Review).

These activities helped me a lot and made me understand what to look for in an activity. The benefits I gained from these evaluations were extremely important to me because I have learned to identify the advantages and the disadvantages of these activities. Moreover, although I had visited a few of the websites we visited during the course before, I had not understood how these web tools could be used in teaching English. The web is the most powerful source of information.

Click on my "useful links" page to see a few of the websites I have collected through other courses I had done previously.

The power of animation, videos, web 1, web 2 and interactive whiteboards:

Throughout the course we came across many of these technologies. These tools can be very beneficial in teaching as it motivates students and creates a friendlier environment in the classroom. I have been using an interactive whiteboard for almost ten months. The results are outstanding. Students want to come to the lesson and they really enjoy it. Even their parents do not believe how much they have learned in the last ten months. However, after doing the CALL course I have realised that using only the interactive whiteboard is not enough. Honestly, if I combine all the things I have learned through this course with the power of the interactive whiteboard I can get even more positive results such as:white.jpg

  • Increased student motivation

  • Encourage interaction between students

  • Enhancing education

  • Creativity

  • It is fun. Students love it

  • Saves time

  • Students learn how to collaborate and share projects

  • Increases confidence

  • Students with attention problems benefit greatly

A different way of teaching Present Continuous

A different way to practise writing. ESL Robots

Moreover, exercises and activities are not only offered online. You could have a computer lab with special programmes, designed for learning English. I personally use the Binary Logic Multimedia software and I am really happy with it. Students love it. They learn English through games and interactive exercises. (Reading Activities 1)

Click here to see a video sample I have created my self.

For more info:



I have been using Skype for seven years now and it had never crossed my mind that this brilliant software could have any use in teaching. When we were introduced to the Web 2 technology, I did some research on Skype and surprisingly I found that schools and universities use it in teaching. Even more interesting was that I found a teacher who offered speaking lessons for people who want to improve their speaking skills. click here

I was so thrilled with what I found on the web that I am going to use these technologies (Wikis, blogs) and especially Skype in my classroom. Through Skype students can practise all four skills, speaking, listening, writing and reading at the same time. In order to see if students would be interested in this, I asked their opinion and they really cannot wait for the new school year when I am going to install Skype in all the classrooms.



This is a weird poem I have found on the web. Enjoy :) byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Chaos ruled OK in the classroom

as bravely the teacher walked in

the hooligans ignored him

his voice was lost in the din


"The theme for today is violence

and homework will be set

I'm going to teach you a lesson

one that you'll never forget"

He picked on a boy who was shouting

and throttled him then and there

then garroted the girl behind him

(the one with grotty hair)

Then sword in hand he hacked his way

between the chattering rows

"First come, first severed" he declared

"fingers, feet or toes"


He threw the sword at a latecomer

it struck with deadly aim

then pulling out a shotgun

he continued with his game

The first blast cleared the backrow

(where those who skive hang out)

they collapsed like rubber dinghies

when the plug's pulled out

"Please may I leave the room sir?"

a trembling vandal enquired

"Of course you may" said teacher

put the gun to his temple and fired

The Head popped a head round the doorway

to see why a din was being made

nodded understandingly

then tossed in a grenade


And when the ammo was well spent

with blood on every chair

Silence shuffled forward

with its hands up in the air

The teacher surveyed the carnage

the dying and the dead

He waggled a finger severely

"Now let that be a lesson" he said

Roger McGough