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Teaching Reading

The Importance of Grammar and Vocabulary in Reading

(a) Give the name of the activities

a. Word meanings from a context

b. What Is a Newspaper?

(b) Include the electronic address of each activity (link).



(c) Define the type of the activity


a. This is a reading comprehension activity.

Students have to read small paragraphs

and guess the meaning of a specific word.

b. The basic construction of a news story is

explained, then students check their knowledge

by reading a real story;

(d) Give the language level of the activity

a. The exercise is for intermediate level.

b. High School level

(e) Describe the content of each activity: topic, type,


language level, interface, navigation, user friendliness.

(f) Evaluate each activity in terms of its suitability to

be used in a language class.

Very useful exercises. They are mainly focused on reading comprehension.

However, I would not use them in class because the topic is not something that would attract students attention. The same activities could be used in class with a different topic.Almost all kind of activities should be around

students interests.