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(a) Give the name of the activity

a. Tongue Twisters

b. Proofreading Makes Perfect

(b) Include the electronic address of each activity (link).




(c) Define the type of the activity

a. Create individualized tongue twisters. Incorporates oral,

analytical thinking, reading and writing skills.

Besides that, it's fun!

b. This online activity has lessons on capitalization and

punctuation, spelling and usage.

Correct the sentences and then check the answers.


(d) Give the language level of the activity

a.This activity is for an intermediate and higher level

of English as it requires a lot of vocabulary.

b. This activity refers to second and third grade level.

(e) Describe the content of each activity: topic, type, language level,

interface, navigation, user friendliness, etc.

(f) Evaluate each activity in terms of its suitability to

be used in a language class.

a. A very interesting activity as it practices vocabulary and

writing at the same time. A very smart way of practicing writing.

When students feel that they are playing a game, they get more

motivated especially when it is so funny. It is a simple task that all

students can participate. Even students that are shy want to join in.

I have used a similar activity with my class and the results were

fantastic. All students participated even those who were shy.

A funny activity like this one creates a more comfortable environment

for students because they do not feel that other students will make fun

of them. I would definitely use this activity again with my students.


b. This kind of activity although is useful I would never use

it in class. This activity is not presented in a way that it would

get students involved. I would adapt the idea and the material

from this activity and present it in a more attractive way.

However, the aim of this activity is beneficial because it helps

students not only to produce correct grammatical structures but

also to identify and correct. It is very important to identify and

correct your own mistakes.


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